Inshore is Not Just About Fishing

Is inshore just about fishing? A lot of Florida - most of it actually - offers far more coastal action than a few redfish.

This is a sponsored story from Atlanta Magazine, which means that Martin County paid to have the story run. We found the original content so interesting we didn't have to get paid for it - you should read it. Martin county includes Hobie sound and some of the absolute best fishing on the East Coast. There's a ton - like a ton - of inshore spots there, and if you check our FishySpot Maps for the Central east coast you will find plenty of places to try your luck.

Martin County

This article is about more than fish, though. It's about spending quality family time in and around the water. Just our kind of story. Florida is the kind of place that you can drive 100 miles and find another world. Martin County is one of those places.

The whole story is here.

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