I suck at attaching my boat to a hitch. Can you help?

When you first try to attach a boat to a hitch on your truck it can be challenging. There are ways to make it easier though.

We get a lot of questions about hitching and towing boats. It can be very challenging when you first start trying it, and based on what we see on the highways a lot of people are having the same problem.

iBall Hitch Guide

The iBall is one of a few different ways to make it easier to see your hitch and to see what's happening with that expensive boat or kayak you're towing.

Now there are trucks that can actually help you hitch something to the back of the truck - and we can well imagine what a killer process that would be. But you can put wireless cameras on the truck (or car in the case of smaller boats and paddle craft) pretty easily now - and without spending 50k for that killer new truck you want. Here are a few.





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