Back to (Fishing) Normal

Texas just came through some tough times. FIshing helps the population come back to a normal life.

Texas is strong - Texas strong. Watching the state recovering from the hurricane is just an amazing thing, and shows how truly strong our nation is - down to the individual. The flooded streets are dried out, people are rebuilding their lives, and they're fishing.

Yep, they're fishing.

From The Waco Tribune Herald.

The Texas coast took a battering this summer, thanks to Hurricane Harvey, but the folks who live along our state’s shoreline are tougher than a storm, and recovery, reconstruction, and resilience have gotten the place back to what most of us would recognize.

Back to Normal

Fishing was one of the first things to get back to normal, since fish are going to go from disturbance to instinct and start feeding again, and in the months since the storm hit, catching fish has been the touchstone of normalcy while the rest of the community’s economies have tried to catch up.

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