A Few Sturgeon Rolling Near the Largemouth

When we read this article and the author talked about flipping worms for largemough, but having a hefty walleye take the bait and fight like a largemouth, only to find that there were a few sturgeon moving around, plenty of crappy, and whatever else they saw and caught, it made it worthy of putting it up for our readers. A lot of our readers fish warmer waters, although we would love to start getting more reports from places like this - lakes eighty-feet deep and just now warming up enough in the shallows to wake up the largemouth.

From the story on the Marshall Independent in Minnesota:

Much like we would do the following day, as part of Minnesota’s early catch-and-release bass season, we flipped our offerings under, along and just short of the structures. But instead of plastic tubes and Senkos texas-rigged on worm hooks, we were pitching stand-up jigs with spottail shiners and dragging them through the shallows, illuminated by the floodlight of the nearby apartment complex on the shore.

Minnesota Largemough

The first walleye to come to boat, a chunky 16-incher, bent the rod like a largemouth and bulldogged like a bass as well on the way in. The second I’d pick up came from the emergent grass just off the complex, in about 18 inches of water. The two fish in the livewell weren’t the limit my brother had taken the night before, but they were certainly a reminder of the attraction the shallows have on fish this time of year.

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