Cold Water Largemouth in Deep Mexican Lakes

Is it hot out today? Most of America is today. This story about deep cold water bass might be just the ticket.

This article from Austin Texas' Austin American Statesman gives us an idea of two things; the fishing in Mexico's famous Comedero for Largemouth is outstanding, and two, Texans are really impressed with themselves (as in 'tough for the average guy"). We beg your pardon. Our regular guys are bothered by tarpon when they're snook fishing. Excuse us, Cow-boy.


The lake - one of five or six famous bass lakes in Mexico (of many hot bass waters we bet) 0 comes in at 34,000 acres. That's a lot of lake even for somebody that fishes it a lot.

Comedero, at 34,000 acres, can get too hot in the summer for fishing, and the big bass drop off into very deep water to hold at depths that make catching them tough for the average guy.

All joking aside we love Texas and everything about Texas. While the Austin area might be a little to the left of LA and only positioned in TX by a space portal, we love Texas, Austin and all. The whole story is here.


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