Crankbaits and Summertime Largemouth

Crankbaits remain one of the world's (and we guess fish's) favorite baits. Why we cannot imagine.

This is the second of a few crankbait articles that pop up in various parts of the country in the middle of hot (?!) summers. For that matter, summertime is the best time to use these weird lures. They're sure popular, and we have to assume they're popular because they're popular with largemough bass. Thinking back to the days of our youth when we stalked black bass a lot, the most effective bait we ever used were simple purple or black plastic worms with torpedo sinkers. Even back then friends of ours used crankbaits, but we never really used them that much ourselves. We used topwater lures at night and we used plastic worms during hte day. As far as live bait, it's something we never used until we got near water with salt in it.

This is from The Union Recorder. There are bass everywhere in the world, so good bass stories can be found anywhere. Finding them and pointing them out to you all is what we do best.

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A crankbait under the right conditions can greatly improve your chances for success when targeting summer largemouth bass. By the first of July each year, many anglers will resort to fishing early and late in the day or they opt to fish strictly at night or they just quit fishing altogether. Some can’t take the summer heat and others consider the fishing to be just too slow during the middle part of the day.

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