Ehrier Leads Conroe Tournament

One of the biggest bass tournaments of the year is happening in Texas. This is big money bass fishing.

Tournament fishing is something you have to love, we guess. It definitely changes the sport from a recreational sport (albeit one that can reach heights few others can) to a full-time, science-studying, sponsor-seeking huge business. The egos, the tackle, and the pure energy it takes to create, sponsor, or much less fish in are not what you think. The same is true in the big billfish tournaments and tarpon and kingfish tournaments, but the big bass tournaments are the king of them all.

Largemough Conrone

Conroe is a very popular - one of the best - bass lake in Texas. It's beautiful clear water produces a lot of beautiful big fat bass (mostly raised from the genes of our very own Florida Black Bass by the way) and this year is home to one of the big tournaments.

We wrote about this tournament happening in Lake Conroe in Texas last week, and here's the results from the Houston Chronicle as of this morning. Brett Ehrler leads the show with more than 20lbs of largemouth. An old friend of ours named Doug Hannon created much of chemistry for keeping those tournament fish alive while they're kept in live-wells until release after weigh-in. His work improved the post-release survival rate remarkably. Prior to his working to help keep bass alive they died if they were caught in a tournament; the levels of oxygen in even a pumping tank was not enough to let them live in tight conditions for an hour or more (!).

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