Farm Ponds or Golf Course Water Traps

Farm ponds and golf course water traps all hold amazing fish. This is about Ohio ponds but the idea is the same anywhere.

When we read this story about fishing farm ponds it reminded us of a pond near Highway 54 on a large cattle ranch. We used to catch the most incredible largemouth bass on these light blue short plastic worms that did not do very well on other waters, but seemed to be the perfect bait for those ponds. Why? We have no idea. We do know that when we got caught once we were warned - at gunpoint - that the pond was off limits to local anglers.

We never fished it again. What we did fish a lot, however, were golf course ponds.They have produced ten pound largemouth and still will probably. Dark plastic worms fished slowly will do it every time.

Golf Course or Farm Ponds

The security was never quite as intense (and never armed) and we were usually just told to get out of there if we were caught. We know we should not be talking to you about fishing places you're not supposed to go, and if you do find farm ponds all you usually have to do is ask the farmer and ensure him or her you're not gonna empty the water.

This story came from The Ohio Country Journal and is really a great read for the freshwater lovers among our readership.

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