Growing Florida largemough bass in Oklahoma

Find a big bass in Oklahoma and you can wager it has Florida genes in it somewhere.

We just loved this story when we found it on NewsOK. It's about the use of Florida (Largemouth Bass) genetics in aquaculture efforts in states like Oklahoma.

Florida Largemouth Genetics

This opening phrase says it well. He says that although "You can't tell from looking that the largemouth bass you just caught in Oklahoma has Florida genes. But if it's a really big bass, you can assume it does. A fish that is over 8 pounds, I can almost guarantee that fish will have Florida genetics,” said Cliff Sager, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's senior fisheries biologist for the south-central region.

The whole story about the state's efforts to grow those big bass by incorporating healthy genes from our very own Florida bucketmouths can be read here. It's worth the read. Oklahoma is not the only state producing new largemouth stocks from our bass.

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