Largmouth Bass Offshore?

When we think offshore, we do not think largemouth. But this article from an experience pro will change your mind.

“There’s an old bridge down there,” he said. “Most guys run right by it and never stop, but it’s always worth a look during the post spawn. It’s the first piece of structure they come to when they leave the shallows. Time it right and make the right casts and you can catch some big ones here.”

Large Lakes Offshore Largemouth Bass

Offshore does not have to be in saltwater. Large lakes all have deep structure that are ideal spots for predators (like largemouth) to await their prey - often mistaking your lure for a shiner or crustaceon.

That came from an article we found in The Huntsville Item. It is about the fact that post-spawn (after the bass have come out of their spring beds) that they're deep water fish. It goes on to discuss the importance of knowing underwater structure - where it is, how deep it is, where the fish are, and when they're there seasonally.

Great story. It will change the way many of us think about bass fishing in different seasons.

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