Louisiana Largemouth respond to heat the same as ours

Largemouth bass act much the same in Louisiana as they do here. And the active anglers are just as good chasing them,

We watch Louisiana fishing reports pretty much the same way we watch reports from all coastal states. We are biased, of course, but fishing Louisiana redfish in salt water and largemough in fresh almost mirror each other - more than anywhere else, really. So we watch LA reports perhaps a little more than anywhere but Florida. We've started to watch stuff coming in from Australia and New Zealand, but that is more dream-like fishing than catching good-old largemouth.

LA Largemouth

This is a great report because it talks at a basic level about the difference between the heat of summer and the cool winters we both enjoy (albeit ours are warmer being subtropical) and how bass act. They both go deep. Louisiana has deeper lakes than (most of) ours in Florida, but reading this report and just taking his advice to get ready early and fish early and go deep will work here every bit as much as they work in the land of Cajun cooking.

From the Beauregard Daily News:

When I fish I set phone alarm to go off at 4:30 a.m. as first light currently is around 5:45 a.m. I normally try to have a personal quiet time, eat some breakfast, load rods/tackle in the boat and ice down sandwiches and bottle water. Depending on whether I’m fishing Toledo or Sam Rayburn determines when I have to leave the lake house as its about 30 minutes to pavilion ramp on Big Sam. Since we are officially into summer, each day will have a little less daylight until we get to December 21 which is the first day of winter.

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