Lures You Should Be Using But Might Not Be...

This article from Sioux City says more about Florida lures than you might think. Here is a list of must-have lures...

A great writer from the Sioux City Journal wrote this original story, and this brief opening only tells part of the story: Every angler is looking for the next hot bait. And when they find it, they buy it. And that is good.

Lures You Should B

This article about old-fashioned lures shows that there is a lot more in those old tackle boxes than modern anglers might think there are. An excellent story by a Sioux City outdoors writer tells the whole story.

However, there are some baits that were hot yesteryear, are hot today and will be hot tomorrow. So why do we tend to forget them? I think part of the reason is that our bait choices are so high today that just trying to pick out a plastic worm, for instance, becomes an exercise wrapped up in futility. Four-inch, six-inch, seven-inch, or bigger?

Three hundred and fifty different colors, 10 different flavors (scented or unscented). Flat tail or curly tail or double curly tail. Ribbed or not ribbed. And on and on. The original plastic worm was six inches long and offered in black or purple. It caught fish like crazy and still does. Things were so much simpler 40 years ago.

The whole story is here on The Sioux City Journal...


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