Not All Fishing Shows are a Great Catch

Remember when all fishing shows were done by the likes of Flip Pallot and iPhones didn't exist? Good for you.

This article mentions one of our favorite fishing TV show characters - a guy named Flip Pallot. In case you've never heard of Flip - or have, check him out on his site. He's a serious, passionate, dedicated, fun, and totally cool angler from the Keys. He's also high-quality talent when it comes to shooting high quality fishing shows. We've know a few of them. But there aren't that many.

In the days of lore - before iPhones - it took a lot to shoot a video. Equipment, costs, travel, you name it, and the issues facing a potential fishing star were such that only the best rose to the top. Again, guys like Pallot.

This article talks about the days gone buy - and what we face today. Written by a sports writer that fishes Bangs Lake in Illinois, the story talks about the difference between high-quality fishing shows and what's coming out of Facebook. It ain't all that good.

From the Daily Herald.

I've noticed a tremendous number of so-called fishing and hunting experts who laid out the bucks to buy video cameras so they could record their exploits and show them on cable television. That's not all bad, of course, but the quality of today's screen production is something akin to a marathon comedy show.

FlipPallot dot com

I'm not referring to shows involving Lindner, Winkelman, Flip Pallot, and the like. They are part of a cadre of outdoor educators who are able to speak to the little guy in clear and understandable English.

The whole story can be found here.

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