Pork Bellies and Black Bass

Ever use pigs for largemouth bass? Do you like bacon as much as we do? How can you not like bacon, right?

Here is another "When we were kids" thing we thought about when we read this; that's natural pork rinds. If you eat Latino food you might know about pork rinds. They're called Chicharorone and the best ones are made from pork bellies. So is bacon in case you're wondering.

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Long ago, in the world of sport fishing, somebody figured out that if you took a strip of this greasy (and verrrrry tasty if fried right) muscle tissue and put it on a hook and dragged it through the water, you could catch fish on them. Little wonder considering how natural they are.

This story is about the old company that made them and how they've run out of pig bellies. The lures are being replaced by what is essentially artifical pig belly and with a high level of success. The story came from Marc Folco at the SouthCoast Today web site. He's a good writer and clearly loves to fish as much as we do.


Uncle Josh Bait Company began producing natural pork rind lures and trailers in 1922, but ceased production two years ago because it was unable to obtain enough quality fatback to produce durable baits. A shortage of 2-to-3-year old pigs forced the decision as most pigs taken to slaughter now are 6 months old, and their skin isn’t yet thick or tough enough to make a durable pork rind bait.

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