Smaller Lures for Largemouth in Colder Water

Cold water is cold water - wherever it is. Small lures work better in cold water and this article talks bass and wintertime.

This article is from North Carolina but is an excellent read for any angler targeting largemough bass. It's about using slower and smaller baits when you're fishing in the wintertime. However when you read the article the author tells us as much about where to look for fish in cold water as how to present a lure effectively.

From Mike Sweeney on Daily Advance.com:

When the weather turns bitter like it has lately there are a few tricks that I use to help bring largemouth to the boat. I slow down my presentation to help with the colder water and I use smaller baits to bring more strikes.

Largemouth Wiki Pic

When the fish get picky I like to throw baits that get more bites in order to help locate the fish and find out where they are.

The whole story is here.


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