Smallmouth Bass - the Other Species

Father's day on the beds or near the shoreline are pretty much the same no matter how big a bass' mouth happens to be.

When we read this story about smallmouth bass it made us realize how much alike bass are regardless of the size of their mouths. The only visible difference between the two fish are the depth of their mouth. In the case of a largemouth is runs under their eyes, while a smallmouth (as you can see by this image) has a mouth that stops short of passing underneath their eyes. It's easy to recognize once you are familiar with both fish.


This story from TheNews in Nova Scotia about the behavior of smallmouth in northern waters will show you how similar the fish are in both small and large mouth varieties. It's a really well-written fishing story - just the kind we're looking for to save you time but keep you in the same story loops we use to create and manage the site.


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