Texan Bass Pro Can Teach Florida Anglers

Texans used Florida Black Bass to stock their lakes. Now the pros there can teach us a thing or two about catching them.

This article from Lynn Burkhead in Texas at the RecordStar is based on a conversation with Kelly Jordon, who  has fished all the major tours including the Bassmaster Elite and the Major League tours. The guy knows Texas water and he knows bass. But we can learn alot from the guy. He fishes a lot on his home water of Lake Fork, the lunker factory near Quitman where Jordon loves to toss a variety of baits this month ranging from a squarebill crankbait to a buzzbait to a hollow bodied plastic frog.

Lake Fork Texas

“On Lake Fork, every fish in the lake is biting in May, or so it seems,” said Jordon. “You’ve got a few fish still on the beds, although most are done. And the ones that are done, they are getting ready to move out and put on the feed bag.”

That last comment about the "Feed Bag" should ring true with us here in Florida, where the big bass are coming out of the beds and getting read to eat all summer. And the circle remains connected :)

The whole story is here. It's worth the time for any active bass angler.

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