The Banned Alabama Rig for Largemough Bass

There is a lure in that is so effective that professional organizations have banned it from competition.

Imagine if there was a bass lure that was so effective it caught fish when nothing else did. It could catch them two or three at a time and it could stick three hooks into the mouth of one big fish while the others tried and failed to grab it?

Alabam Rig

There is. They're called Alabama rigs. They're made a lot like flasher or teaser rigs are used for billfish - to simulate a small school of bait fish. But unilke the teasers used to attract marlin or sailfish (and other open water predators like Kingfish or Wahoo) these are hooked jigs. And they are deadly.

So much so you cannot use them in tournaments. And in our humble opinions, you should never use them wherever you are. They're nasty and if you need this thing to catch bass, you should try snook.

We read this story from WideOpenSpaces a few years ago and never put a link here. It's as good today as it was then though.

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