The lake's most savage predator

Why in God's name will a six inch largemouth bass try to eat a lure that's as big as he (or she) is? Aggression.

With the exception of the bluefish, a saltwater marauder, I can’t think of a more aggressive fish when it comes to attacking prey than the largemouth bass. The really great thing about largemouth bass is that, oftentimes, they are really not that difficult to catch. Every summer, it seems, some kid fishing from the shore or a dock, drifting a worm with a big read bobber, reels in a bass that goes over five pounds.

Big Lures Big Bass

Why will a largemouth bass hit a lure as big as it is? Aggression. This excellent story about just how dangerous this freshwater predator would be if it reached dangerous sizes is a real fun read.

They aren’t all that bad in the pan, either. I never kill a bass that goes over two pounds or so. The smaller bass taste better and the bigger ones, especially the larger females, are too important to the species to kill. All of this talk about largemouth bass — and here I should also mention his cousin, the smaller, but infinitely better fighter, the smallmouth bass — comes to the front because the opening day of the bass fishing season is next Saturday

From the Rutland Herald. For the whole (great!) story click here.

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