The Palm Tree Secret for Catching Largemouth Bass

Every fish with the Fat Ika? We didn't think so. This article from another fishing mag exposes a secret known to few.

This article came to us from Scout - a sports media company we considered working with years ago. They are primarily a football site but they do have some great fishing articles.

Gary Dobyns and others have managed to keep this bass fishing technique secret for some time. But he offered to share why it catches bass in tough conditions. Fact is, this 4-inch Fat Ika’s plump grub style body and fringed ring resemble several members of the Arecaceae botanical family.

Fat Ike

This one we saw was about a Yamamoto lure called the Fat Ika. But how these two anglers use them - and the success they've had with them - is worth reading the whole article.

Here it is. Thanks to the author.

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