Tips on bayou bass work in Florida too

We are close enough to Louisiana and in love with the fishing there to watch the news and good stories. This is one. It's about a place called the Verret Basin, a part of a much larger waterway and levee:

From the Acadiana Advocate.

If you want to know what’s going on in the Verret Basin, Steve Fontana and Chad Porto are the guys you want to question.

Verrit Basin Bass Tips

This Basin, separated from the massive Atchafalaya Basin by a many miles long levee, is pretty big, too. It’s a stretch of bayous, rivers, lakes and canals stretching from just south of White Castle south all the way to Morgan City and a couple of miles beyond.

The regional flavor of local fishing stories - anywhere in the country actually - is part of what we love about tracking content for this site. Thanks to the Advocate.

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