Tips on Fly Fishing for Largemough Bass

Our friend Debbie Hanson talks in this Hatch article about fly fishing for largemouth bass and she knows her stuff.

We do not often recommend that you go check out  another fishing magazine - especially one as beautiful as Hatch. But when we saw Debbie Hanson being interviewed, we had to give you the link. The site is nice and the suggestions cool, but if they come from Hanson they're worth listening to.

Debbie Hanson with Bass

From The Hatch:

The go-to gear for bass on fly is simple. Hanson generally fishes with a 5-weight rod; Grigsby chooses to go a bit heavier with an 8-weight. He has no problem with using a 5 or 6-weight, but fishes the 8 because of convenience since he often uses the same rod for reds.

Read the whole story here. Again, they're our competition but worth being in your list of sites. We will never be the only one you read anyway; the other ones you read should be as cool as us.

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