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This conversation about fishing Florida freshwater - for everything from local fish to non-natives - is a great read.

Stuart Florida is a place that is a real stand-out among dozens of stand-out counties. From ancient indigenous peoples (there are coral spear points called Marions that are among the most beautiful and in-demand artifacts in the world) to the famous snook that hang out under the lights in the canals there, Marion county (home to Stuart) holds some serious history and serious fish.

Top Tips

This is from Stuart magazine:

The water management areas of Martin County and the surrounding counties offer a variety of freshwater fish. Some of the species are even non-native, like the peacock bass, clown knife fish and snakehead. In saltwater, the lionfish hogs up all the headlines for its invasive nature and altering of habitats. When tropical fish are introduced into subtropical waters (fresh or saltwater), they can and will establish quickly. Fish are incredible at adapting to new environments, though. Their appearance can certainly offer up an extraterrestrial sighting of sorts. Believe me, there are creatures lingering in our local waters that will give you pause for a head scratch when caught.

The whole story offers GREAT tips on catchng freshwater Florida fish - from Snakes to Peacocks to Black Bass. Read the whole thing here on the Stuart Magazine.

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