Big As a Man Jellyfish

The monster creature was photographed by boat skipper Charles Hood as his son Will swam just inches away. The elder Hood was stunned to find a massive swarm of barrel jellyfish, thought to be thriving due to the warm weather, over an eight-mile area near Lands' End, Cornwall, in England.

181245Barrel jellyfish. I would freak out! / Photo by Charles Hood

He said, "We usually get perhaps a dozen sightings a year. But at the moment they are everywhere, it's like a super bloom with some of them a metre and a half in size. There is a massive amount of plankton forming which they seem to be feeding on."

Although fearsome at almost the same size as 6'3" Will, the creature's sting is so weak it is harmless. Barrel jellyfish have been spotted close to UK shores over the past few months due to the warm weather.

This one was seen off the coast of St. Michael's Mount, Penzance.

Will, 16, said: "It was my first encounter swimming with them and although there's nothing to fear from their sting, I felt fine as I was in a drysuit. There was a tiny little fish living in the tentacles that appeared to be immune to the sting."

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