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Bite #1.) Steinhatchee-Jena Paddling Festival

Get ready for Steinhatchee-Jena area Paddling Adventures at the 5th Annual Hidden Coast Paddling Festival from October 2-5, 2014.

steinhatcheePaddling the Steinhatchee with trained guides.

You'll have access to 27 guided paddles in the area, a kayak fishing tournament and a power boat cruise on the beautiful Steinhatchee River. All kinds of meals are included.

You can get more information and register here.

Nibble #2.) NOAA Recreational Fisheries Policy Hearings

NOAA Fisheries recently held a National Town Hall Meeting in July as well as several Webinars seeking input on the development of the National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy. Put into action by Eileen Sobeck at the 2014 National Recreational Saltwater Fishing Summit, the policy aims to create a clear statement on operating guidelines in regards to managing recreational fisheries.

boats-3Recreational Saltwater Fishing is again under discussion.

While this will not be a silver bullet to fix many of the current fisheries management issues facing recreational fisheries, the policy will institutionalize the agency's commitment to recreational fishing as well as provide guidance during the decision making process. TBF's Advocacy Center will develop full comments in the upcoming weeks and comments on this important policy are due in September.

They are seeking comments. If you want to participate, you can use the link below to do so.

Fact sheets, discussion guides and more are at the NOAA homepage.

Bite # 3.) Farming Tuna Off the Hawaii Coast

A fish farming technology company plans to begin construction of a 180-foot wide, untethered and highly automated spherical pen for farming yellowfin and bigeye tuna off the Kohala coast.

web1 Oceansphere1The Oceansphere will grow a lot of tuna.

The deepwater pen -- built by Hawaii Oceanic Technology Inc. -- intends to deploy a prototype Oceansphere that will be capable of holding 1,000 tons of Ahi (tuna) at a depth of 1,300 feet. Fish grow faster in deep ocean settings, have fewer parasites and better food conversion ratios. The idea has many detractors -- see the rest of the Oceansphere story here.

By Bret Yager
West Hawaii Today

Nibble #4.) Fishing Trip Turns Into 5-Day "Lost" Episode

A jaunt into the woods to fetch some more grasshoppers as bait ends up leading 58-year old man on a quest for survival.

abc mike vilhauer 03 mt 140815 4x3 992The Lost Man wrote his goodbye's on this wood.

Mike Vilhauer tried to find his way back to the fishing site at the lake. It started getting dark.

The fisherman followed a stream that ended up nowhere -- read the rest of the story and see the video.


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