Boat Captain Dies from Swordfish Attack

A 47-year-old charter boat captain was impaled by a broadbill swordfish that he had speared and then turned on him. The wound was fatal, according to reports from the Hawaii County Police Department.

Captain Randy Llanes, 47, was in Honokau Harbor at about 11 a.m. on Friday when he saw a broadbill swordfish swimming in the shallow water nearby. Llanes entered the water with a spear gun, and after shooting the large fish, the broadbill wrapped the spear line around a mooring line and circled back toward Llanes and attacked ​him, the spear entering his chest.

Some men on a nearby dive boat saw what happened and retrieved Llanes from the water. Citizens attempted first aid until aid workers arrived but, they also were unable to restart his heart at the dock. Llanes was transported to Kona Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The broadbill was examined at the dock. It weighed 40 pounds​ and was six feet long, of which half that length was the animal's long sword.

Officials from the Hawaii Division of Land and Natural Resources and the Hawaii County Police Department are investigating the accident.

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