A Kayak the Size of a Coffin?

Kayaks and Coffins aren't usually connected. But read this story about a yaker in a tiny house.

We read and wanted to post this story here even though it's not about fishing - it is about a guy in a kayak the size of a coffin. Considering how small a coffin is, being in one for any length of time is a little creepy regardless of where you're heading.

TreeTrunk Coffin

It seems like they were always off exploring (and conquering) foreign continents, sailing to discover (and conquer) new worlds, journeying from one country to another in new-fangled aircraft, and generally going where no man/woman had gone before.

The story is from the Taranaki Daily News. That's in New Zealand. The coffin is from WikiCommons, which we strongly (and directly) support.

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