Shipwreck Off Florida Coast Would Have Alterered History

There is a lot of stuff underwater on our coasts. This story about a sunken French ship being found off our coast will tickle the treasure hunter in you. If the ship had not sunk our State would have been speaking French for a while.

This story is about a sunken ship off the coast. It's thought to be part of a sunken French fleet on its way to settle in Florida. If it had made it, we would be speaking French - or would have for a while - before we took Spanish as our second language.


Could Henri II wanted to buy a house near the new President Elect on Florida's coast? You betcha. If the ship found recently off the coast of the Atlantic shoreline turns out to be French, we have proof.

"If it turns out to be 'La Trinite,' it is the most important, historically and archaeologically, the most important shipwreck ever found in North America," he told AFP.All indications are that the shipwreck found is the real thing.The artefacts found at the site off Cape Canaveral include three bronze cannons with markings from the reign of King Henri II, who ruled right before Charles IX; and a stone monument with the French coat of arms that was to be used to claim the new territory.

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