Calling for Backup with a 3,000 lb Great White

Any shark tale is exciting. But this one about needing help with a 3,000lb Great White is not your normal shark story.

The headline on this story just killed us when we saw 3,000 lb Great White. We have a lot of shark in Florida waters, so we're no stranger to big fish. But this story from Hilton Head (WSPA Channel 7) is just too much. Once the thing was hooked (and it was the second monster they saw) the captain actually called for backup.

3000 lb Great White

“A 3000 pound animal is massive. People don’t realize just one wag of the tail can pull a 26-foot boat at that kind of clip,” he said. “After we started fighting this thing we kind of realized that it was just too much.”

The whole story is here.

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