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Good to great fishing in the urban canals and fair to slow in the Everglades canals.
It was a funny thing this past week as we are catching pretty good numbers of snook and some Jack crevalle to go along with peacock bass. We even had peacock bass schooling up in a big way. I have heard from others that the peacocks don't bite after a cold front but have plenty of proof this past week they can be caught and if you ask me they even bite better once you find the schools. Ah, the key is always moving around which as many of you that fish with me know all too well. We covered a lot of water and had some great success. Floating Rapalas were the best bet in the urban canals and in the Everglades it was Flappin shads and suspending Wild Shiners by Strike King.
Pictures from the last 5 days on the water:

peacock bass

jack crevalle

peacock bass

The proof is in the pudding and the pictures tell it like it is! Yes, the snook were a problem this past week! They kept inter fearing with the peacock bite. Ah, a great week and hope more of you can make your way on down!

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