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A pretty good week of fishing! My week started with Tom Saal of Plantation, Florida and Scott Kominiak of Corrales, New Mexico fishing a half day in the morning in the C-100 and they caught 16 peacock bass up top 3 pounds on Roostertail jigs.

Everglades fishing report

Next up Ephraim Sobol of Hollywood, Florida and his nine year old daughter Yo fished a half day in the morning in the C-1 canal and they caught 9 peacock bass, 2 midas cichlids, a spotted Tilapia and a Oscar on Rooster tailed Jigs and crappie jigs.

The next day and a half Richard Reamer and Mitch Odess both of Wilmington, North Carolina fished in the C-4 and C-100 canals where they caught 63 peacock bass up to 3.5 pounds mostly on Clouser Minnows while fly fishing.

I finished the week with Gary Rein of Parkland, Florida and his friend Ed of Cincinnati, Ohio fishing the morning only in the C-100 and they caught 12 peacock bass and 4 midas cichlids on Rooster Tailed jigs and crappie jigs. A pretty full week ahead!

Good weather conditions for most the week seem to inspire some very good fishing. We caught a great variety of species this past week. That was the good news but now the weather has turned a bit ugly and is looking to stay that way for a couple of days more. The weather should become a bit more normal again soon!

Pictures from the last five days on the water:

Everglades fishing report

Everglades fishing reportEverglades fishing report

As you can see, many more happy faces with some nice fish! I'm here and have openings and would love to have you aboard, get the kids fishing! Call me toll free at 877-966-2275 or at 954-609-3671.

Tight lines,
Alan Zaremba

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