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Last week I wrote that I hoped fishing would be better this week. It was, not hugely better, but better.

Monday fly fisher Jim Coraci joined me for a half day's fishing. When we got to Haulover an impressive cloud hovered over the Mosquito Lagoon. It would intermittently light up with brilliant lightning flashes. I don't mind the rain that much but lightning while boating is terrifying. The presence of a solid north wind convinced me go back to Parrish Park, where we launched the Mitzi.

It wasn't hot fishing but Jim hooked three reds, using a small Merkin-style crab fly. One of them was in a school of about 100 fish, a very nice find we stumbled upon during a lull in the wind. As soon as the wind came up again those fish disappeared.

We had a good time.

Wednesday Scott Radloff and I launched at Port Canaveral. My thought was we could fish the bight in spite of the 10-15 mph north wind.

There were fair numbers of mullet in the surf. Not much in the way of blow-ups was going on though. That having been said, we caught bluefish, ladyfish, jack crevalle, a mangrove snapper, several seatrout, a small snook, a few sailcats, and a blacktip shark, for quite the variety pack. It was a beautiful day along the beach, very enjoyable.

Wednesday night I booked a Mosquito Lagoon trip for Friday, necessitating a scouting trip on Thursday. Mr. Radloff again joined me.

The wind was out of the north at about 15 mph, enough for nice whitecaps out there. We ran around a LOT, sight fishing shorelines, tossing the Deadly Combo in trout spots, and generally working it pretty hard. Scott got a smaller-than-rat red (a mouse red?) and I got two dink trout. It looked pretty grim for Friday.

On Friday fly fisher Scott Kor and his buddy Terry Marquardt joined me for the Mosquito Lagoon fishing day. Again, the wind was 15 out of the north.

In spite of the wind we found some redfish tailing. Scott hooked and lost one on a bendback, and Terry got a nice one on a mullet chunk.


This fine red fell for a reliable bait- a mullet chunk.

Terry threw the Deadly Combo steadily and picked up several trout, two of which were in the eighteen inch range.

The wind kept revving up, so we opted to fish on sheltered shorelines, searching for redfish. We had to work, but we found fish in enough numbers that Terry got three or four on mullet chunks and Scott got a handsome fish on another bendback. Out of the wind it was a beautiful, sunny day with enough fish around to keep our attention focused.


Scott watched this red inhale his bendback fly- great stuff!

These were great guys to fish with. We had a lovely day.

And that is this week's Orlando saltwater fishing report.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short. Go Fishing!

John Kumiski
Spotted Tail Charters

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