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Halifax River – The mullet run is definitely in full swing and the fishing has been excellent from the basin south to the inlet. Redfish, trout, snook, flounder, and more can be targeted with artificials or live baits. Oyster bars, creek mouths, and docks are the primary stops. Some of the flounder have been giants.

Halifax River fishing report-Justin Marshall and Byron

Justin Marshall and Byron Marlare from Lexington, KY. Their catch included redfish to 22", black drum to 18", and trout to 18". They only wanted enough to eat while they were here so most fish were released. The redfish Justin Caught had 18 spots on it and was 21".

In addition to the other species mentioned, blackdrum and pompano are also showing up in good numbers. Targeting these species takes a little different approach. The blackdrum will not take an artificial or eat a fish bait, but readily will take a shrimp or crab. Most of the drum are coming off the docks and bridges. Pompano, on the other hand, are most likely to be found on top of shallow oyster bars. They can be seen skipping away on their sides if you happen to come to close. Unlike the drum, they eat both crustaceans and fish. However, when in the river they seem to be only concerned with eating the small brown mussels that grow on the oyster bars. I've tried to use the mussels and oysters for bait, but pinfish quickly pick it off. The most consistent bait I've found to get them on is a free lined fiddler crab drifted over top of a likely bar. The pinfish will leave the crabs alone for the most part and give you a shot at some of the best eating fish there is. Most of the pompano are between 2 and 5 lbs!

Captain Scott Blanford
Bad Juju Fishing Charters

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