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Anclote Report


I fished this area doing a little research and development with Captain Steve Betz, for those who may wonder what that means I will give you my definition: research and development is :going fishing for fun but using the fact that I am a guide to justify it to my wife,(who by the way does not read my reports)!
They seemed a little lethargic after the big blow last week; the bite was subpar to say the least. The target areas were the normal spots for this time of year, deeper flats and potholes near the power plant. What we did find was that the fish were laid up on the oyster bars soaking up the heat from the day. The rock piles and oyster bars that dot this area absorb the sun and warm the surrounding waters a little. There was a school of about 20 trout sitting there soaking it all in. We managed to get one to eat a DOA CAL in black back/gold rush. It went around 20 inches. We also worked the flats just south of Anclote Island and scored on some smaller fish.


Fishing oyster bars like I described for the trout we were able to stick around 15 redfish! These feisty little guys ate with reckless abandon at one point I think I caught 5 in a row. The key was to fish the bottom of the water column. Shrimp rigged on a jig head produced 13 of the 15 landed the other 2 were on the DOA mentioned above.

The upcoming weekend should be decent the weather will be more stable and hopefully turn on the bite!


Side note

I bought my shrimp and drinks and ice right on the water, Marker 25 has shrimp 60 for 10 bucks. They have a selection of hooks split shots and are quick to help point you in the right direction. The Marina is up river from the Anclote Park. Go to channel marker 25 and follow the channel into the marina, the low dock is furthest to the left side, past all the big boats. They are really doing some work around there and the place is looking much better now that someone has put a little TLC into it! Stop by and see Dan and Erin!


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