Update: Coast Guard releases video of capsized boat. Search for Teens Continues

UPDATE Monday 12:00PM Coast Guard officials said they’ve used a helicopter, boat and airplane and searched some 26,000 square nautical miles since the boys were reported missing Friday afternoon. Petty Officer Jon-Paul Rios said Monday that ocean drift patterns complicated the search, but that crews continued to search. The overturned fishing boat was spotted about 11 a.m. Sunday. A Coast Guard helicopter lowered a rescue swimmer who confirmed the registration numbers of the boat. Lehmann said the boat will be anchored in place while search-and-rescue efforts continue.

UPDATE Sunday 03:00PM Sunday afternoon a family member of one of the two missing teens confirms that the boat found off the Ponce de Leon Inlet near Daytona Beach is the boat of the two teens missing off Jupiter Inlet. The search for the teens continues. UPDATE: Jacksonville Coast Guard reports a capsized boat was found 67 miles east of Ponce de Leon, near Daytona. Coast Guard says the boat matches the visual description of the teens boat but cannot confirm the registration number of the two boat match.

The missing anglerThe missing angler on the left is a young man by the name of Perry Cohen. On the right with the cobia is his fishing buddy and close friend named Austin Stephano. They’re missing and we all need our help in getting out there and seeing if you can help locate them. They’re running a 19’ center console. Let’s pray they forgot to call home because they are catching too many fish. And pray they’re OK.

Two teens are missing since not returning from a fishing trip late friday. The boys are locals to the Jupiter area, dear friends, and in need of all the help anybody can give them. The Coast Guard - the best in the world at search and rescue — have been on the water looking for them since last night, but there cannot be possibly be enough of our angling and boating communities out there right now. If you can, get on the water and look for these kids. They are all of our kids. And at the risk of sounding incorrect or garnering anyone’s criticism, pray for their safe return.

MISSING TEENS2The waters off of Jupiter are beautiful, but they are also very dangerous under the wrong conditions. When you are going out on any water, post a return plan. You may be someone we never met and will never find around our magazines and web sites. But you are our family. Be safe.

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