Amberjack and Their Role in Fishing Politics

Ever fish for AJs? Ever have a thousand of them hitting topwater within 20' of your boat? We have.

The way fish allocations are determined is by (supposedly) following how much catches are being made by commercial anglers and how many fish are being caught by us. They then take computer models (done mostly in Fortran; if you do not know what Fortran is, we dare you to look it up here. If you just wanna go figure, it was created by IBM in the 1950s.).

Amberjack Season 2018

The green months are when we can catch Amberjack. The other months they're protected from us nasty recreational anglers. Not to commercials though.

The feds have counted their fish with their computers (they never actually count them at the fish houses; they are supposed to but do not have the man(person) power or money or time or maybe interest. Once they count the fish they give some to us and some to the commercials. Trust us when we say we do not come first in the equation. This year is actually better than it was last here.

Commercials cannot fish for them March, April, and May. All the other months of the year it's fine for them to catch them.

For a good story about the subject, check out this story we found at the Pensacola News Journal.

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