Ancient Salt Sea Below Virginia River

Ancients were mining this salt long before Europeans recognized the vast resource below this Virginia river.

This is such an interesting story about a salt mine below a Virgina river that we felt even a die-hard angler looking for the perfect knot would take a minute to read it. It talks about the origins of the salt mines - dating back millions, not thousands - of years ago.

From the Atlas Obscura...

Prior to the Civil War, the area was the largest producer of salt in the United States and known as the Kanawha Salines. At the industry’s peak in the 1840s, it boasted 50 saltworks producing more than three million bushels of salt a year. The land J.Q. Dickinson rests upon has been owned by Bruns’s family for more than 200 years, ever since her four-times-great grandfather, William Dickinson, moved to the area in 1813 with aspirations of making salt. Dickinson’s company became one of the largest and the longest-running of them all, and was active until 1945. After resuscitating the brand in 2013, Bruns and her brother, Lewis Payne, became not only the last remaining salt-makers in Malden, but all of Appalachia.

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