Are Fish Screaming at the Sky???

When considering all the scientific thngs scientists are studing, you might think that the suicide issue among our largemouth and crappie populations would be way down the list of important stuff to study. The world's burning up, the Soviets elected our president, and dog and cats are going to bathroom in the same place and there is nothing wrong with a cat feeling like a dog.

But fish - all the fish in the Great Lakes it seems - are depressed. They're depressed because of the anti depressants that are being dumped into our ecosystem.

Check out this article from AlterNet.org.

Fish studied around the world expressed weird behavior if they had human chemicals in their systems. Little wonder.


They found that when male minnows were exposed to Prozac, they ignored females and spent more time hiding under a tile, which resulted in lower reproductive rates. In addition, they took longer in capturing prey and also became aggressive; in some cases, even killing females. Exposed females were also impacted by producing fewer eggs.


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