Asian Carp, The POTUS, and the Great Lakes

As part of the effort to limit government spending, funding efforts to stop Asian Carp could be in trouble.

If you've watched how the government works, you would know what the term "Line Item Veto" means. Not that you would have ever seen it used, but you would know what it is. It would mean the when Congress sent their budgets to the President, he could pick and choose items that he was strongly opposed to.

But that's not how it works. Congress stuffs whatever they want into specific budgets and they are passed in one signature. We think personally that if line-item vetoes were available to Trump he would not choose to let the Great Lakes die off. But if the speed at which shrimp can run under controlled circumstances is part of the budget it's hard to justify any part of it.

This is an editorial comment about the budgets for preservation of the Great Lakes. While we're sure that a lot of this money is not spent wisely, nobody wants the Asian Carp to take over American waters and nobody wants the Great Lakes to become a Dead Sea.

Asian Carp II

Here's a comment from the editorial. The whole thing is here on The Wisconsin Journal web site, part of Madison.com. They are clearly not fans of the POTUS :)

President Trump, a New Yorker, doesn’t seem to understand that importance of the Great Lakes. But here in the heartland, our Great Lakes — and the thousands of Wisconsin waterways that flow into them — are central to who we are. They provide millions of people with fresh water to drink. They help attract millions of visitors. They are a beautiful and invaluable natural resource for the entire Midwest.

The whole editorial is here.

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