Belize to Triple Protected (Non-Take) Zones

This news from the nation of Belize and the EDF seems to sound good for the oceans. But very very bad for anglers.

This is an interesting story about how decreasing access to vast regions of the ocean is a good thing for the people that depend on those oceans to make a living and put food on their family's tables.

But it is what it is. Read the story and let us know what you think. It comes from the EDF site.

The Blue Hole in Belize

The Blue Hole in Belize

(Riviera Maya, Mexico – March 9, 2018) Today at the World Ocean Summit, the government of Belize has announced it will expand its network of no-take zones, a type of marine protected area, from approximately 3 percent to over 10 percent by the end of 2018. The expanded areas are managed in concert with a national secure fishing rights program established in 2016.

 “For Belize, a healthy ocean and small-scale fishing are a matter of survival,” said Fisheries Administrator Beverly Wade. “We are a country dependent on our seas for jobs, income, and food. We are taking this step because the culture and health of our communities are intricately tied to healthy reefs and fisheries.”

The whole story from EDF's Belize Director Larry Epstein

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