Bragging on Facebook Lands Two Deer Poachers in Jail

If you are gonna poach deer and decide you're gonna go back to dress them, it is probably a good idea not to mention it on FB

OK. This one is gonna come close to "Stupid of the Month". These two guys were busted for a) taking two deer off a deer ranch, and b) letting the cops know what they killed and c) that they were going back.

This is from News4Jax in Jacksonville.

FWC Officer Bret Gill received a complaint about shots being fired in the deer pen on Shadd Farms, and another anonymous tip led FWC Reserve Capt. David Lee to online information showing Griffis and Wise bragging about killing a big buck.

Poached Deer Dressed

According to FWC Investigator Todd Hoyle, Wise posted several pictures of the poaching incident to his Snapchat social media account. In an interview, Wise admitted shooting an 11-point buck out of Shadd Farms’ deer pen while riding in a vehicle with his child and Griffis. He also explained that after dropping his son off with a friend, he and Griffis drove back to the pen, where they cut the fence and dragged out the deer, investigators said. They then returned to Lawtey to clean the deer.

News4Jax is a great news source and local paper in a very cool town. If you've never been there and want to learn about a part of Florida far away culturally from Lauderdale or South Beach check it out for sure.

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