Chinook removed from NOAA overfishing list

NOAA is going to allow anglers in the Northwest to fish for Chinook salmon again. Good management or overreach?

This came from a site in the Pacific Northwest (TheDailyWorld). It's about the fact that NOAA has removed the Chinook salmon from an overfished list. Considering what we are going through here in the Gulf of Mexico relative to fish species like the American Red Snapper (a three-day federal season this year is not exactly encouraging to offshore anglers targeting the abundant stock), we're not exactly quick to trust NOAA or NMFS (the National Marine Fishery Services). But anytime anglers are allowed to fish and given access to public property it's a good thing.

From the story on TheDailyWorld:

Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor natural fall Chinook have been removed from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s 2016 annual report to Congress on the status of U.S. fisheries overfishing list. A second report details the economic impact of commercial fishing and the seafood business across the nation.

Chinook Salmon NOAA

A stock is on the overfishing list when the catch rate is too high. A stock is on the overfished list when the population size of a stock is too low, whether because of fishing or other causes, such as environmental changes.

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