Dirty Oceans and the Paris Climate Accord

You just gotta love stories like this. If you believed the MSM (main stream media) the United States is the most disgusting, polluting, careless, and thoughtless nation in the history of the universe relative to the ecosystem. We dump more plastic, we smoke more smoke, whatever. We're the bad guys.

Pulling out of the Paris Accord? Horrible. Terrible. All the other nations of the world - including China, of course - were horrified when the administration made the announcement we were withdrawing.

This is a story about the dirty oceans - plastic in the oceans to be more specific. Turns out it's not the nasty white guys with bottled water in the southern United States making the oceans so stinking dirty.

It's one river system. In Asia. Bummer for us.

Plastic in ocean from one source

From Quartz Media:

Every year, millions of tonnes of plastics are produced and trashed, with a small portion ending up in the sea, and gobbled up by tiny fish. Even though countries don’t report on how much plastic they are flushing, a recent study suggests that around 86% of the plastic running through rivers was coming from a single continent—Asia.

The whole story - and it's a good one - can be found here.

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