Electrical fences being used to stop asian carp

Incredible to see the overwhelming schools of these invasive fish. They were brought here by aquafarms and escaped.

We are seeing more and more stories about these invasive fish every day. They were originally introduced in American waters when they escaped (during overflows) from the aquafarms that brought them in. They effectively ate the algae they were meant to eat, but when the got into our waters they found plenty more to eat. Hence the incredible explosion in their population.

Asian Carp Invasion

The story ran on NPR and you can find it in its entirety here.

From the story:

That escape took place in the late 70s, introducing the fish to the Mississippi River, and they've migrated northward ever since.  O’Hara said the Illinois River areas most densely populated with Asian Carp are from Grafton to Peoria, with moderate amounts of carp north of Starved Rock. Despite the Department's best efforts, there also is a small population from Morris to Joliet.

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