Fishing where the Fish Are

The state of Arizona is stocking waters and making them more accessible to the average angler.

This is an excellent story about the efforts of Arizona's Fish and Wildlife to bring fishing - and healthy fish populations - closer to the general public. What is a good hike for some is too long a walk for others, but a short drive for others. This program brings stocked waters within five miles of the average anglers - which is quite manageable.

From The White Mountain Independent:

In total, there are now 41 Community Fishing waters in 20 communities — and we’re still growing. More community fishing facilities are being planned for Queen Creek, Peoria, Avondale, Glendale, Gilbert, Thatcher, Mammoth, and Holbrook.

This means more friends, more families, more memories. Most community ponds and lakes are in well-maintained and safe parks. Restrooms, ramadas, playgrounds and stretches of grass await, making fishing a perfect way to find some community.

Crappie Wikicommons

That could be family, a local interest group, neighborhood — or friends at your nearest community water.And at these communities, the “groceries” are delivered fresh. These waters are stocked consistently in the winter with trout, and through spring and fall, sunfish and catfish. Some of the new waters will benefit from stockings of feature species such as largemouth bass or crappie.

The whole story is here.

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