Fourth Largest Commercial Harvest Ever

We sure hear a lot about the damage of climate change and overfishing. So what's up? Truth or Lies?

This article is about the remarkable season commercial anglers and lobster people are having this year. In fact it's one of the greatest years every in history.

What about us? What about climate change? What about our red snapper season or flounder or any fish you can name being overfished because of our electronics and climate change?

What's up with this? Real or fake? Are the fish OK or aren't they?

NOAA Commercial

From The Ellsworth American:

“Maine’s commercial harvesters have again established our state as a leader in the sustainable, responsible management of marine resources,” said Governor Paul R. LePage. “Not only do they contribute greatly to our state’s economy, they consistently deliver the best seafood in the world.”

The whole story is here. You can also find information from the Government of the State of Maine by clicking here.

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