Great White Feeds on Dead Whale

This 17' Great White makes quite a meal off this dead whale. Cool story and video.

We found this story while listening to Island Radio (Hawaii). It was the feature article and we knew our readers would love to see this thing. It's a seventeen footer and it's making a meal out of a floating whale carcass.

GreatWhite Feed

Image from Wikicommons. And yes we pay them monthly to keep them alive.

From Island Radio:

"I've been on the water for over 20 years here and I've seen some great whites, but I've never seen one that large," he said. "It was extraordinarily big and it had a bite out of its head, which is usually a sign of mating so there's probably another one around."

The whole story is here. And Island Radio is a totally cool station if you like Reggae and island music, which we do.



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