Healthy Salmon Population Healthy for Recreational Anglers

This article from the Watertown Daily Times is about the incredible health of the Chinook (and other) salmon populations on Lake Ontario. The population is so healthy that there is talk about letting us fish more for them. Well, maybe not us (since we live in Florida and have not found one yet) but certainly this is good news for anglers fishing the lake.

Chinook Salmon

This image of a chinook salmon is from Washington State University. It's one of the best on the whole web. What an incredible fish.

The quality of Chinook salmon fishing in Lake Ontario was the highest recorded in at least 30 years, according to state officials.

The news comes as a meeting is set for Thursday night to discuss conditions for Lake Ontario fisheries.

According to state Department of Environmental Conservation studies, anglers caught 96,226 and harvested 53,871 Chinook salmon in 2017. State officials made their estimates based on surveys of anglers on the lake that have been completed since 1985.

The whole story is here.

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