Ignoring Mercury in Fish Never a Good Idea

It is said that there is some level of mercury in every fish in the United States. This article from SC supports the idea.

We dug this story up from South Carolina. All states issue warnings about mercury levels in fish. We fish a lot of saltwater here and tend to think of mercury levels in Tuna, but this short piece from Carolina talks largely about freshwater species - and specific bodies of water.

The warmer days of spring have people thinking about all kinds of outdoor activities. Fishing is a top choice for many.

So again this spring there is need for a note of caution to enthusiasts in the form of an annual warning from the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control that has been with us since 1994: Limit the amount of fish being eaten from many bodies of water in South Carolina. The risk is mercury poisoning.


This article came from The Times and Democrat in South Carolina.

In case you are interested in what level's of mercury you might find in our own Florida fish, check out this page from MyFWC.com.

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