Irish and Illegal Fishing

Is American the worse offenders in the world for illegal fishing? Far from it. Who is? Ireland.

This is an interesting story. We guess that the group being judges are only members of the EU because illegal fishing in Asian waters seems to be much worse than this story about fishing in Ireland. We have Irish family, so we take this story to heart.

From The Irish Times:

Ireland is one of the worst EU member states for overfishing in the Atlantic, and is undermining international efforts to restore fish stocks to sustainable levels, according to a report by the New Economics Foundation (NEF).

Irish Fishing

Ireland’s decision in late 2017 “to once again push for fishing quotas which ignore scientific advice is undermining efforts to end overfishing by 2020” under the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), concluded the report’s author, senior NEF researcher Griffin Carpenter.

The whole story is here:

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